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About Gregg Johnson...

Interested in art all my life, I practiced it; I studied it; and I taught it professionally. Following high school and a couple of years of general interest studies, I pursued a career in teaching. With a B.Ed and two years of post graduate studies in Fine Art Education, I secured a plum teaching position with the Edmonton Public School Board senior high art teacher at McNally High School, where I stayed for 28 years.

Being one of the Hiking Club sponsors and an avid outdoor person, it wasnt long before I was able to convert both loves into a rewarding hobby. Then after taking early retirement in 1994, I was able to pursue full time this life-long passion of sketching and painting, both in the wilderness of the foothills and rockies and in the rich and beautiful plains of rural Alberta. In fact I bought a couple of farms just so I could have my own place to retreat and paint.From there I went on to paint the coastal scene and Europe and other parts of Canada.

Now painting and teaching, and escorting international art holidays, and networking with other artists are some of the challenges which give me impetus and vision and pleasure. But for me the bottom line is always the painting and the excitement of turning a blank sheet of paper into a thing of beauty and meaning.

I am a signature member of the Society of Western Canada Artists, and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a successful career, with solo exhibitions in Edmonton, Canmore and Jasper.

I thought I was finished with teaching when I retired a few years ago, but that event just turned into another beginning. Now my workshops in Jasper and my international painting excursions and activities keep me challenged and happy and excited. And on top of all this, and even more importantly, is and has been the support and love of a beautiful woman Darlene, to whom Ive been married these past forty-five amazing years. As the song says, Its a wonderful life!


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