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My Newsletter for 2005

My latest newsletter, which in the past I've printed and mailed to our various group members, workshop participants, family and friends, is now on the website instead!.  And I've now posted the 2005 issue.

My newsletter, running around 20 pages this year, is kind of a compendium of personal happenings, highlights of our workshops or painting tours throughout the year, and also includes info on special events or activities coming up in the current year.

I enjoy writing it because I enjoy recalling the great people I've had the opportunity to spend time with, and the fun experiences we've had. I hope you enjoy reading it!

I should warn you that if you become part of one of our workshop or tour groups, you could find yourself in next year's newsletter! :-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your read. You can get to the first page of the 2005 newsletter here.

If you missed my 2004 newsletter, you can read it here!

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