"my gallery of limited edition prints"  

Welcome to my gallery of Limited Edition Prints!

I have had quality, Limited Edition prints made of selected watercolor originals. You can view them and obtain more information about them by clicking on the individual thumbnails below. This will open up a larger view of the image with descriptive information.

Our popular, standard size format of image is 9" x 13" which, when matted and shrink-wrapped with foam-core backing, ends up 16" x 20" and ready to be inserted into a frame. The cost is $95.00 plus shipping. Custom sizes, usually larger, and printed using the archival Giclee process, are also available upon request. Phone or e-mail for pricing.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these prints, or in commissioning me to do some original work for you or your organization, please go to my Contact Info page for ways to get in touch. I'd be glad to hear from you!

And if you'd like to be notified by e-mail when new images are posted, or of upcoming gallery showings, special events, watercolor workshops or painting tours, you can subscribe to my e-mail notification list by .

Enjoy your tour of the prints gallery!

Forest Path Along Side Cabin Creek, Jasper

Indian Paintbrush on the Skyline Trail, Beneath Antler Mountain, Jasper

Forest Pond near Hardisty Creek, Jasper

Cloudless Mt. Robson Backing Berg Lake and Toboggan Creek

The Sun Sets on the Wheat Pool Elevators at Hay Lakes, Alberta

After the Storm, Castor, Alberta

March Comes in Like a Lamb

Morning Cloud Over Bastion Peak, Tonquin Valley, Jasper

The Pristine Maligne and Spirit Island, Jasper

Mt. Robson and Berg Lake from the Mumm Basin Trail

Upper Ribbon Creek Falls, Kananaskis Park

Sunset Over the Ramparts and the Tonquin Valley, Jasper

Astoria Valley Trail and Mt. Blackhorn

The Sunwapta River and Mount Kitchener

Tangle Ridge and the Headwaters of the Sunwapta River

Coronet Mountain at Sundown, Maligne Lake, Jasper

Icy White Water from the Mary Vaux Glacier

Shadows on Mt. Howard Douglas, Banff

Old Fort Trail in the Fall

Mt. Robson and Wild Lupins in Robson Valley

Snowbound..near Chipman, Alberta

Mt. Colin in the Spring

Mt. Edith Cavell and Teardrop Lake, Jasper

Sunset on the Whirlpool River, Jasper

Twilight Settles on the Ramparts in the Tonquin Valley, Jasper

Sunrise Over Mr. Clitheroe and Amethyst Lake, Jasper

Pyramid Mountain from Patricia Lake, Jasper

Retired Boathouse on Digby Island, Prince Rupert, BC

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